About Us

Heun Kee Claypot Chicken rice has been established since 1985 by madam Heun May Lan. She has been in food business since early 80's by selling nyonya kuih, nasi lemak and fried noodle. Started with just a small hawker stall at PJ Old Town's wet market, she slowly build her way up and now she is a established restaurant operator near pudu's wet market.

The secret of madam Heun success is she is using high grade rice and daily freshest chickens available. Fresh chickens are marinated with combination of sources which is from her years of perfection and experienced. Together with this a special aroma and unique flavour in of claypot ricken rice has been created.

Madam Huen always emphasize and still using traditional charcoal cooking method when preparing her claypot chicken rice. Claypot chicken rice cooked in this method will be more fragrant compared with gas cooking method hence this method will take longer time to be prepared but it's worth waiting.

Her trademark which using "2 heats" cooking method derive from years of perfection. The '1st heats' which is cooking the rice slowly from the bottom and '2nd heat' which she uses a iron lid with burning charcoal on top of the claypot to cooked the marinated chicken. This will lock the juices within the marinted chickens as well as giving a perfect char looks.

Beside our main attaction 'Claypot Chicken Rice', 'Claypot Lap Mei'(waxed duck and chinese sausage) rice is a most try dish. This dish is seasonal and is served between November - March depending on the 'Lap Mei' availablity. The prefix of 'Lap' Mean the meat are cured with salt, sugar , spices and air dried. This 'Lap Mei' is imported from Hong Kong.

You can placed an order earlier before you dine in or take away to avoid long waiting time.

This is because it will take at least 25 - 30 minutes to prepared our charcoal claypot dishes.